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   Did you ever people-watch? These animals get a great  VIEW AT THE ZOO !   Kathleen Bostrom has captured the awesomeness of interactions between humans and animals. If you want to experience laughter, surprises, and just plain fun, read  THE VIEW AT THE ZOO  together…family style! The monkey will lead you through it!    Giraffe (my favorite!), lion, penguin, hippo…toucan, tiger, elephant, flamingo. Come see the owl, gazelle, and kangaroo, when you read  THE VIEW AT THE ZOO ! (My rhymes are nothing compared to Kathleen’s!)    Watch a five year old read those rhymes to you on Kathleen’s website:    Guy Francis’ illustrations show the antics of ‘man and beast’ as well as the humor and color of an exciting trip to the zoo!      Miss Marsha


     The parents who are on top of things will begin educating their children while still in the womb.   Read to your child.   Keep your temper.   Be calm and love God.   Pray.   Instilling Christ into their lives from birth promotes a healthy all-around atmosphere for the whole family.    As a teacher, I saw children who struggled to survive in the classroom while others excelled.   I was one who struggled.   God was present in our home, but Christ was clearly absent.   Christ promotes self-worth, self-confidence, and a clear understanding of our mission on earth…to prepare for an eternity with our Lord.    As a public librarian, I witnessed families entering the library together, picking out books together, and filling bags with reading material to last a week…when they returned to repeat the process, week after week.   Those children returned with their children to do the same thing. It’s the same with Christ.   Instill Jesus’ love, trust, faith, and confidence in your child


  CHURCHES ARE NOT JUST BUILDINGS My little town of Emmett, Idaho, boasts about having “a church on every block”! Well, even though it is not literally true, Emmett has a lot of churches of many denominations and cultures. There was a time I did not attend church. I was having a stressful time and I sought out help. It took a while to build up my courage to seek out that help. I had to humble myself.   When I finally did, most of the church doors were locked up. There was, however, usually a phone contact listed on the building. I got up confidence once again to call one number. I got the help I needed that day. But I still felt very alone with my problems. Years later, I went to church with my grandchildren and my daughter…mainly to encourage the kids to go. I got saved that day! I went again and again. I found out why the churches are all locked up when not open…our church and another church in Emmett h


  GOD’S AWESOMENESS! I have a screen saver that comes up automatically on my computer when I turn it on.   The scene changes every few days.   It is always about God’s awesomeness…unusual mountain ranges, raging water, colors of the sky and the land, animals, etc.   I don’t know how I got that device…I guess it came with my software…I’m brain dead when it comes to computer workings.   I just like that I can do my thing on it! I sit in wonder on the screen saver that has been appearing for a few days now.   It is of six cheetahs somewhere in Africa.   They all sit facing one direction, but every one of them (except the normal exception) is looking in a different direction.   That photographer caught an amazing moment.   God gave the animals the instinct of protection as each had a direction to watch for danger...or a possible meal.   All sat at attention, ready to spring into action without a sound. Just look at our bodies!   Parts that have various purposes; blood streaming thro

"The Children's Story" Review

   UNDERSTANDING  the children’s story      James Clavell wrote  the children’s story  in 1963. It first appeared in  The Reader’s Digest   in   1964. The title is not capitalized on the first book cover. Why? We can only guess. My guess is subtlety. The story is about the subtlety of taking advantage of children’s vulnerability; there for, the title must be subtle.     “Subtle” is defined as cagey, crafty, cunning, devious, sly…you get the point. It’s a short book. It took only a few minutes to read. It took Mr. Clavell (a writer of adult novels) only a little while to write it after his daughter, Michaela, came home from school one day…after him having a conversation with her. It left me stunned!     The setting is in America.  A world leader has taken over all countries.  Let's not let it happen in America for real!     The characters are a classroom full of children; a frightened older teacher; and a bright, young, and beautiful teacher who takes over the older teacher’s class.

LOVE IS NOT SELFISHNESS    Wow! I just listened to a powerful message by Bishop Michael Curry, ‘Love is the Way’ on the Compassionate Christianity website.   I started re-thinking my rationalizations…    Yesterday I posted ‘The Bride Doll’ on my blog. I reprimanded my parents for not handling the situation better.  In my 'About Me' biography, I said that my parents did not know the love of Jesus, because they had both been brought up in very strict biblical homes…one had a Quaker preacher for a grandfather.    Bishop Curry helped me remember what my parents had actually told me . “We are not going to force any religion on you. We married each other because we both wanted to experience LOVE.” They did. Yes, there was arguing and disagreements. But they always made up.   They raised my sister and I to LOVE each other, to be kind to everyone, to think of others first, TO NOT BE SELFISH, and to, generally, be good people. Isn’t that what Jesus t


    (based on a true story...) Marcie got a 'groom' doll for Christmas…tuxedo, top hat and all.   It was so special! Then she decided she needed a “bride” doll. She asked Mom and Dad at dinner. She asked Mom and Dad during their Sunday rides together. She asked Mom and Dad every day after school. They said, no. They repeated, no! They exclaimed, NO! NO! NO! Marcie kept bugging and hinting and asking. Her parents got fed up and gave her the “x!#!” birthday or other occasion…just “Here!” It came in a large box that held the full satin dress and net veil.   She was beautiful. Marcie, eyes full of tears, put her back in the box and put her and the groom doll in the bottom of a drawer and forgot about them. Every year, Marcie would come upon those dolls in her drawer at least once.   She never played with them.   They brought back bad memories.   She slammed the drawer shut and tried to forget. When Marcie was older, she discovered Jesus and

STAYING LOYAL TO THE LORD    Our lives can become so hectic, that we lose focus on what is important. We hear our children’s cries in the night when they are having bad dreams…we rise up so fast, we almost forget where we are until we hear their cry again.    Those sleepless nights can be caused by other things, too…worries, wishes, pain, anxiety…the list goes on and on.    Daylight comes, and our focus is on a schedule for mom and dad alike…bathe, dress, eat, dishes, get kids ready, work, go-go-go.    We come home from work, too exhausted to listen to the kids’ problems, to do housework, to pay bills, to cook dinner. We lose ourselves in the television or the internet. Heaven only knows what the kids are into!    It’s time to think twice about your life! Where is it leading you? If it isn’t taking you to church every Sunday; if it isn’t helping your kids with their homework; if it isn’t promoting a good relationship with your spouse; then, get on

ABOUT THIS BLOG    Ever since I discovered what Jesus Christ did for me, my years of writing took a sudden detour! Now, I rarely write something that doesn’t refer to my Lord. He has entered my heart, my soul, and my life. I couldn’t be happier!    God wants us to spread His Word so, when Jesus returns, the whole world is ready to follow our Lord to heaven for a new, wonderful existence! I have started this blog to do just that…to spread God’s Word. I know only a portion of the world will follow Jesus, but God keeps inspiring Jesus’ children to bring more people to Him. God created every one of us and gave us all the opportunity to change our ways through Christ. It is up to devoted Christians to help others (no matter how sinful…for Christians are sinful, too!) to realize this opportunity is at their fingertips!    John 4:23-24 NIV “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for t


     I relish the comfort of my office. I have tried to sit at a desk or table and type or write. My back starts killing me after about an hour!    I can sit in my recliner and work for hours. In fact, I have to remind myself to get up and exercise and eat, or my body stops working! The comfort is very conducive to inspiration, however.     I start by reading my devotional for the day.  I have several Bibles, devotional books, pamphlets, and magazines all around me. Sometimes, it is just an inspirational article that catches my eye. Whatever I read almost never fails to give me an idea of something to write about.     Praying to my Lord to give me the right words to type should always be my next focus. He is in charge. I never want to offend Him. He gives me ideas I never would have thought of on my own!    The devotional (or article), which starts my thought process, always has a scripture. It helps when I read about the book in which the scripture is found.     Here’s an example. I