Welcome to Miss Marsha’s BLOG!

   South Pasadena, California, was my home till the end of High School. Graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, with a BS in Home Economics Education and a minor in Art, I had discovered my love of Child Development. I taught one year of Art in junior high school and one year of Home Economics. 

   My future husband, Herman with his three boys--Vince, Rod, & Eric-- found me (that’s another story!). Marrying him in California, he moved me to his 3rd generation sheep and cattle ranch in Emmett, Idaho. City girl turned rancher, I learned fast. I also taught Junior High Art, General Math, Reading and Spelling, and Home Arts for a few years.

   Herman quit his job & I quit mine to increase our family by two girls--Tomi Jean & Lee Marie--and the ranch by more sheep, cattle, and two milk cows. Eventually he went back to work as a meat cutter/salesman/driver. I ranched and raised the kids and discovered my love for writing! All those years of irrigating fields, tractor work, milking, feeding, doctoring, and raising kids gave me time to invent and dream up stories of all kinds! I took the Institute of Children’s Literature course and sold one story to a children’s magazine (which went out of business by the time I had a second one ready to send to them). Like other authors, I experienced over a hundred rejections.

   Times were tough financially. I ended up going back to work. We both still ran the ranch. I tried several occupations, but was fortunate to find my future as a public library director! That was the greatest job anyone could ever have (except for the politics at city hall)! Times were still tough, so I moonlighted at our local hospital as a receptionist.

   To make a long story short, Herman passed away a few years ago. The kids helped when they could, but they had other occupations, so the ranch was sold.

   My new retired life has been very different…a caregiver for a few years…more time to write…a challenging new publishing world out there, which I am resigned to conquer…and, best of all, I found out what Jesus did for me! I knew God and Jesus existed, but my ignorance was inexcusable! I was raised by parents who had the church pushed into their growing lives, which gave them fear and misunderstandings.  They never pushed religion on my sister and me…too bad! I grew up not reading the Bible or knowing the love of Jesus. I realize now that my parents had never been taught the loving side of God.

   To fulfill God’s wishes to witness and testify, Jesus has laid it upon my heart to spread His Word the best way I know how…through the written word.  All of my story ideas are being rewritten into Christian stories. God gives me the words to write. They are His books now! Everything just flows! I couldn’t be happier.  

   Thank you for taking time to get to know me. I hope to get to know you, too!

   Your sister in Christ,

     Miss Marsha