(based on a true story...)

Marcie got a 'groom' doll for Christmas…tuxedo, top hat and all.  It was so special!

Then she decided she needed a “bride” doll.

She asked Mom and Dad at dinner.

She asked Mom and Dad during their Sunday rides together.

She asked Mom and Dad every day after school.

They said, no.

They repeated, no!

They exclaimed, NO! NO! NO!

Marcie kept bugging and hinting and asking.

Her parents got fed up and gave her the “x!#!” birthday or other occasion…just “Here!”

It came in a large box that held the full satin dress and net veil.  She was beautiful.

Marcie, eyes full of tears, put her back in the box and put her and the groom doll in the bottom of a drawer and forgot about them.

Every year, Marcie would come upon those dolls in her drawer at least once.  She never played with them.  They brought back bad memories.  She slammed the drawer shut and tried to forget.

When Marcie was older, she discovered Jesus and how He had washed her sins clean by dying on the cross.

She had held onto the dolls for decades!

Her parents were gone.  She had told them she was sorry for bugging them about that doll.  But it still bothered her.

All she could do now was to confess her wrong-doing to Jesus, confess to someone else, and ask for His forgiveness. 

Such a childish, little thing can bother you like a thorn in your side for years!  Such a childish, little thing is still a sin.  All sins have been washed clean by Jesus.  This is my confession.  I have asked Jesus for forgiveness.  I feel His forgiveness.  It no longer bothers me.  Isn’t Jesus an awesome God?

I hope I handled my children’s demands in a better way than my parents did.  Too bad our family didn’t have Jesus to give us wisdom in situations like that, way back then.  Don’t wait till I did to invite Jesus into your heart!

 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another that ye may be healed.”  James 5:16 KJV

Miss Marsha