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                                                          NEW WEBSITE UP AND RUNNING!                      Go to  to learn all about a new non-profit organization called:                            FREE BOOKS FROM JESUS!                      I did not know how much work goes into a website (not just a blog like this)! Thanks to my daughter, I have a website! She got it up and running and I filled in the blanks...can't have one without the other!                      Marsha Dunham Werle is Marshmallow Hattie! I  wrote a Christian picture book for children called                    THE HALLOWEEN SANTA . I have 500 books and am giving them away to bring children and their families closer to Jesus.                       Marshmallow is encouraging YOU to buy the book or Kindle online at   to give to a child yourself to spread the Word of God across the United States and the world. The royalties will go to purchasing more books to give away and t


                                                                                                AT LAST!   From 1982 to 2006 I worked at the Emmett Public Library. It was the best job anyone could ever have! The only thing I didn’t like was the politics…I had to deal with City Hall as the library director! I helped to process book after book to take a place on our book shelves. As a part-time writer, I dreamed of having my own book on one of those shelves. I finally did it! I gave one of my THE HALLOWEEN SANTA books to Alyce Kelley, who took over for me as library director fifteen years ago! Now my tiny, thin paperback will have its own designated place on the numerous bookshelves among thousands of other children’s books! I also put a copy of my book in a “plastic bag saddle bag” slung over a red toy wooden horse. The companion “plastic bag saddle bag” contained marshmallows, of course! This horse was given to the libra