Did you ever people-watch? These animals get a great VIEW AT THE ZOO! Kathleen Bostrom has captured the awesomeness of interactions between humans and animals. If you want to experience laughter, surprises, and just plain fun, read THE VIEW AT THE ZOO together…family style! The monkey will lead you through it!

   Giraffe (my favorite!), lion, penguin, hippo…toucan, tiger, elephant, flamingo. Come see the owl, gazelle, and kangaroo, when you read THE VIEW AT THE ZOO! (My rhymes are nothing compared to Kathleen’s!)

   Watch a five year old read those rhymes to you on Kathleen’s website:

   Guy Francis’ illustrations show the antics of ‘man and beast’ as well as the humor and color of an exciting trip to the zoo!

    Miss Marsha


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