Our lives can become so hectic, that we lose focus on what is important. We hear our children’s cries in the night when they are having bad dreams…we rise up so fast, we almost forget where we are until we hear their cry again.

   Those sleepless nights can be caused by other things, too…worries, wishes, pain, anxiety…the list goes on and on.

   Daylight comes, and our focus is on a schedule for mom and dad alike…bathe, dress, eat, dishes, get kids ready, work, go-go-go.

   We come home from work, too exhausted to listen to the kids’ problems, to do housework, to pay bills, to cook dinner. We lose ourselves in the television or the internet. Heaven only knows what the kids are into!

   It’s time to think twice about your life! Where is it leading you? If it isn’t taking you to church every Sunday; if it isn’t helping your kids with their homework; if it isn’t promoting a good relationship with your spouse; then, get on board with Jesus!

1.        Set the clock for one hour earlier…trust me, if you follow this plan, you will be sleeping better.

2.        Get everyone up for a devotional time with Jesus. Focusing on Him will start your day off right and your whole family will be on the same track to success.

3.        Be gentle; be loving; be thoughtful; be forgiving…these and more are all qualities of Jesus. If we live Jesus’ way of life, everyone is happier.

4.        Look at work as if you are working for Jesus. He will be with you during the day, so talk to Him all day long…about your problems and about your successes.  Look at your co-workers as you do with your children…with love, kindness, understanding, and giving—even if you are not treated the same by them.

5.        Have a plan for everyone’s arrival at home after work and school. Everyone has a chore; homework gets done before any TV or games. Play with your kids!

6.        Eat dinner at the table and pray together. During dinner, talk with one another about each person’s day…solve problems; laugh together; discuss Jesus!

7.        Participate in Bible Study groups to learn more about God’s plan for us.  Discuss learnings with friends and family. Attend Sunday School and church services together. Take learnings to heart!

8.        Set aside some alone time to spend with God. Invite your spouse and include your Bible. Be loving; be truthful; be sincere; be an example. Bring your problems to God as you praise Him.  Thank Jesus for dying for you on the cross. Confess any wrongs you have made. Promise Jesus to follow in His footsteps and be as much like Him as humanly possible.

9.        Jesus loves you.  Love Him back with all your being and stay loyal to our Lord.

       Yes, the above is perfection! Who is perfect? Work towards it…one step at a time. Some of it will become a habit!

   Colossians 1:21-22 “Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior. But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation" NIV


   May your day be full of love and kindness,

     Miss Marsha


  1. One of my family members read this and agreed with it...thank you, Marsha.

  2. I hope I can get back in the swing of reading people's comments. You don't realize how much they mean to me. I will try to be more diligent to care for your thoughtfulness! Thank YOU!


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