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 👀 LOOK WHAT I DID! It's been a long time since I added to my blog! This will be short! My adventure with self-publishing my first book is over. Check out my new website...  I will really be giving away everything I post...for FREE!                That's what Jesus told me to do, so I am complying. Have fun with the books and activities...several are in power point form.                              PRESIDENTS AND KINGS This is Marshmallow Hattie’s second book in the HOLIDAY…ING with Jesus series which helps 3–7-year-olds understand how Jesus is always with them to help them in tough times and celebrate good times. WWJD? Grandparents, parents, and siblings are welcome to read it, too. There is a lot more, and it's all for free! All of my websites are a work in progress! I will continue to add as long as I am upon this earth. PLEASE USE THIS BLOG TO AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH MY INTERPRETATIONS AND IDEAS. I WELCOME CORRECTION IF I AM WRONG A