I relish the comfort of my office. I have tried to sit at a desk or table and type or write. My back starts killing me after about an hour!

   I can sit in my recliner and work for hours. In fact, I have to remind myself to get up and exercise and eat, or my body stops working! The comfort is very conducive to inspiration, however. 

   I start by reading my devotional for the day. I have several Bibles, devotional books, pamphlets, and magazines all around me. Sometimes, it is just an inspirational article that catches my eye. Whatever I read almost never fails to give me an idea of something to write about. 

   Praying to my Lord to give me the right words to type should always be my next focus. He is in charge. I never want to offend Him. He gives me ideas I never would have thought of on my own!

   The devotional (or article), which starts my thought process, always has a scripture. It helps when I read about the book in which the scripture is found. 

   Here’s an example. I read an article on the National Day of Prayer this morning. It was in the Christian Living Magazine (May/June 2020) issue. It quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

   I then went to my Bible and looked up 2 Chronicles 7. I saw it was about King Solomon as he finished building the temple his father, David, had planned. God’s words above showed His approval of Solomon’s work, but in chapter 7:19-22, God warns Solomon, 19 But if you turn away and forsake the decrees and commands I have given you and go off to serve other gods and worship them, 20 then I will uproot Israel from my land, which I have given them, and will reject this temple I have consecrated for my Name. I will make it a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples. 21 This temple will become a heap of rubble. All who pass by will be appalled and say, ‘Why has the LORD done such a thing to this land and to this temple?’ 22 People will answer, ‘Because they have forsaken the LORD, the God of their ancestors, who brought them out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshiping and serving them—that is why he brought all this disaster on them.” King Solomon did start worshiping other gods, thanks to his numerous wives of various faiths!

  After this study, and my remembered prayer to my Lord, my fingers started typing new thoughts which came to me by God’s inspiration. It resulted in my article, STAYING LOYAL TO THE LORD

   Little things that happen all day long and my thoughts, as well as talks with Jesus through my day, are always giving me inspirations for my writings. I am constantly making notes on handy pieces of paper, envelopes, and napkins. I go through my collection of notes once in a while…never as many times as I need to. Too many other things keep getting in the way…cooking, cleaning, shopping, family, church, sleep. I really think that if I didn’t have to live, I could fill the world with my writing…with God’s help! 

   The 66 Books of the Bible are full of material to write about. I will be writing till the day I die! As I was a teacher, a library director, and a mother, I have written a lot of children’s and teen stories. Since I am a new Christian (6 years now), it’s been fun going back over them and turning them into God’s stories.

   When I get tired, I can always lean back in my recliner and take a nap! 

   Miss Marsha