💗  GOD CREATED ADAM , a human, out of dust…and Eve out of Adam’s rib, because God wanted companionship and a person to maintain God’s order. This happened only 6-8,000 years ago, according to the Bible. Adam and Eve’s job was to glorify God and His creations…to care for them.   Adam and Eve gave into TEMPTATION.   Sin overwhelmed the world. God was sorry he ever created humans, so He destroyed everyone in the Great Flood. He kept one family, however…Noah had always obeyed God. So, through Noah, new life began…a second chance for humans to worship their maker.   Many did…among them were Moses, Daniel, Abraham, David, etc. But multiples more did not worship God as they should. They thought only of themselves. They did not realize what a loving and giving God they had.     💗💗  GOD gave us another chance.   GOD BECAME JESUS , a human, because He wanted to unify all nations of His children in turning from sin to start a new life glorifying their maker, as Adam and


  A PRAYER   Dearest Lord Jesus, My Lord, my Father, my King, my Creator, my Guide, my Mentor, my Companion, my Savior…I come to you tonight with normal, everyday problems, as usual. I need to first thank you for dying on the cross for me and for mankind. You have washed away every sin I have confessed to you. I need to think of more of my transgressions so I can have them cleaned by You, too. In the past, I would think of those bad thoughts and let them fester within me. Now, I feel so good after I confess to You…I can finally let go and have peace in my heart. I wish other people could experience that calming feeling…especially members of my family. You can make a gloomy day brighter. You can take away pain by us giving it to you. Yes, we have to let go of it, or we will continue to hurt. You are so willing to receive our problems. Your magnificence is too great to ever imagine, because You are ready to do this for every person on this earth. Your presence is everywhere. Ea


  TRUST GOES BOTH WAYS      God trusts us to trust Him.   It is as simple as that!   Isaiah 26:3 says: “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.”      God created us in His image.   His image is not physical, it is ethereal!   God is love.   God is faith.   He is peace, assurance, joy, dependability, endurance, forgiving, grace, hope, intimate, present, rest, victorious, sufficient, thankful, and trusting.   He expects us to be the same.      Once we recognize He exists and that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us, we belong to Him.   The people who do not recognize this fact are the ones who will suffer in life.   We live in a broken world full of sin.   It is not always our fault that we sin.   It is human nature.   God does not sin and He expects us to do the same.   That takes a conscious effort on our part.   He gave up His Son to pay for our sins.   We should be thankful He gave us a way to get to heaven!   It ta


  TIMES WITH GRANDMA        “It’s a baby girl!” Dad announced that to everyone when I was born!      “Let me hold her, please!” Grandma’s arms were warm. I felt safe.      As I grew, Grandma was always around…she played with me, and taught me how to tie my shoes.      One day, I wanted to go outside and play with my friends. “No, honey,” Mom demanded, “You stay inside and take care of Grandma. She isn’t well, today. You’ll thank me later that you spent this precious time with your grandmother. I never knew my grandmother.”      Dad was at work and Mom left for her job. I wished I was outside with my friends.      “Sweetie!” Grandma called to me from her bed. “I’ll tell you a story.”      Grandma’s stories were the best! If I had to stay inside, I knew I’d have fun with her. I climbed up on the big bed with Grandma.      She began, “Did I ever tell you when that daddy sheep ran towards me and I had to jump up on the fence?”      “Tell me again, Grandma…you called him


  BLESSINGS God controls your life…not you. Things happen for a reason. Thank God for your blessings.                 NEGATIVE HAPPENINGS bring POSITIVE BLESSINGS You can’t have that second piece of pie.                       You lose another pound. The I-Pad costs more than you have.                            You help a friend in need with a gift. Puppy love turns into disaster.                                       God is saving you for someone special. Your kitty gets run over.                                                 You discover how to handle grief. A storm prevents you from biking.                                   You & your family play a fun game                                                                                                 of Monopoly. You lose your job.                                                            You find one you like better. You break your leg.                                                          Look for y


  WE ARE COMPLACENT Webster’s            com·​pla·​cent   | \ kəm-ˈplā-sᵊnt  \ Definition of  complacent 1 :  marked by self -satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies    The key words are: 1.        SELF    We have become a “live for self” society. God gave us free will and we use it to please ourselves. 2.        UNAWARNESS    Children these days are unaware that Jesus’ sacrifice was to wipe away our sins.   Have you read the Bible? It contains truth, history, and God’s loving will for every one of us. 3.        DANGERS       The danger is that our children will grow up ignorant of God’s power and gifts of love to them, especially salvation from the grace of God. Children’s books are complacent about Jesus.   They tell children to be kind , curious , and obedient ; but they do not tell the real reasons… kindness because Jesus was perfect and we are to emulate Him... curious because children’s curiosity should be gu


   Did you ever people-watch? These animals get a great  VIEW AT THE ZOO !   Kathleen Bostrom has captured the awesomeness of interactions between humans and animals. If you want to experience laughter, surprises, and just plain fun, read  THE VIEW AT THE ZOO  together…family style! The monkey will lead you through it!    Giraffe (my favorite!), lion, penguin, hippo…toucan, tiger, elephant, flamingo. Come see the owl, gazelle, and kangaroo, when you read  THE VIEW AT THE ZOO ! (My rhymes are nothing compared to Kathleen’s!)    Watch a five year old read those rhymes to you on Kathleen’s website:    Guy Francis’ illustrations show the antics of ‘man and beast’ as well as the humor and color of an exciting trip to the zoo!      Miss Marsha