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  THE LORD IS SO, SO GOOD TO ME!   I have been stressing out the last three months over the self-publication of my first picture book for children. It will be ready to buy just after Halloween and I am not ready! ·        I do not have a book launch team (at least 70 people I can send a PDF of my book to for them to read and write a comment or review about it). ·        My new website is not ready to post. ·        I missed my target of having the book to hand out to trick or treaters on Halloween! ·        I’m having a tough go to getting my new non-profit organization set up… FREE BOOKS FROM JESUS…where I give my book away to children and encourage others to buy it on to give them away! ·        Etc.    I could fill a book of the things I need to do! I can let myself be stressed, or I can give it all to God. I have discovered I can relax. God has been planning my next moves for the last few weeks. Things will fall into place if I am p

Marshmallow Hattie

Marshmallow Hattie Be on the lookout for my new website. It should be up and running by Halloween, 2021. It will introduce my first children’s picture book that I will be giving away for FREE! That’s why I have neglected this blog for so long. Sorry, about that! Miss Marsha