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                    DON’T GIVE UP! Somewhere, someone had the idea to demoralize the human population by introducing biological warfare. We are in a war! Covid, flu, viruses…they are killing off our population. Satan is at work. Are you going to let Satan rule your life? I am not saying that you should not take precautions against bacterial infections. It only makes sense to wear a mask, avoid crowds, and stay home when you are sick. Duh! What I am encouraging is your attitude! If you have to be alone during your infection, do everything you can to stay encouraged and happy . The Bible can help you. Read the New Testament and see how so many people stayed pumped up with Jesus’ leadership. You can expect love, compassion, encouragement, and a future in heaven with no pain, no anguish, and no tears. Satan’s future is a horrible death when Jesus returns. Don’t let the devil lead you down the wrong path. Stay focused on Jesus’ p