You can read in the Bible how fasting produced happiness and good fortune for many people like Daniel, Moses, David, Paul, Peter, (many others) and Jesus, himself.

I have been fortunate to experience just that.

I fasted for three weeks before my church’s yearly 21 days of fasting in 2024 to bring in the new year. I had been slacking off on my prayer life and had not been hearing from my God for several months. I felt empty and unloved. He had spoken to me clearly during and after the last two years’ fasts.

I wanted to hear from Jesus again, so for those three weeks before our church fast started, I acclimated myself to fasting. That way, when I began the 21 days of church fasting, I would be in a good routine to fast properly…my body would be used to the lack of food, and my mind would be focused on prayer and worship.

It worked! I heard from God the 2nd night of the 21 days! Not everyone hears from the Holy Spirit in the same way. But, during my fast two years ago, I knew when He was ‘talking’ to me. When I close my eyes and pray sincerely, patterns of light form behind my eyelids. They go in different directions. (I am wide awake!) They answer prayers and questions I have for God. If the patterns flow upward…it is a positive response. If they go downwards or stop all together (sometimes going black) I know it is a negative response, and I must comply to God’s plan for me…not fluff it all off to ‘it was just a happening that has no meaning what-so-ever.’ It has guided me successfully through 2 years of listening to Him. Sometimes the patterns (which change shapes and color often) go sideways. I take those occasions to wait for a better, more positive answer; unless I feel God is encouraging me to just continue what I am doing because He agrees with me. During these times, I don’t want to stop the connection. It’s like a true, sincere, bond with God that I wish everyone could experience!

Sometimes, I hear a loud, definite ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ in my head, as clear as ever. I am witness to the fact that prayer works and brings you closer to God! God is real! God is good!

            I choose to fast from bedtime to 12:00 the next day. I’m usually up by seven or eight every day. I pray, read two devotionals, do my fasting devotionals, read my daily Bible selections, and write Blog articles like this or prepare power points for my website ‘’ for three or four hours…I’m retired! God Bless those of you who work and fast, also.

 I drink lots of water, vitamin water, juice, or tea during the fasting period. Then I eat lunch and supper. I am 79 years old. I take my morning meds with one-half bottle of Ensure.

Other people have various and different routines. There is no ‘right’ way to fast, except to give the time and dedication to Bible study and prayer that God requires to get close to Him.

I do guarantee that IF you are sincere, your rewards will be great.

Miss Marsha