This morning at 8:00 I attended our church’s yearly first day of fasting. My first fasting encounter two years ago was a totally new learning experience!

Everyone fasts differently. Some choose something to give up for a certain number of days. Some give up one meal per day and spend that time in prayer. Some actually just live on liquids…but that should take place with a doctor’s advice unless it’s just for a day or two. Fasting is basically becoming “One with God” through Praise and Prayer.

But today’s experience isn’t about the fast. It’s about God verifying that I have really been listening to Him talk to me the last two years! Whether I took His advice is not the point, either!

During the fast of 2022, I was praying to Him when all of a sudden there was movement behind my closed eyelids. Now, I’m not saying everyone will have this same experience; but to me it was a revelation…I was sure God was making those movements happen. I wasn’t asleep. I could hear other people in the sanctuary. Some were praying out loud. I heard a siren outside. I sat there, crying, as I watched the light show in my eyes. I knew it was Him!

All year I experimented with this new discovery. I had to be in a deep conversation with God before it would happen. I couldn’t bring it up by myself. He had to show Himself to me before I could get any answers. Yes, I got answers to questions!

I would thank Him for something He did, and He would swirl arms of light upward. I once asked if I should go to help a relative in need. The swirl of light went downward. I almost went anyway, but at the last minute didn’t…God had kept me away from a worse situation!

During the holidays, I have been a little stressed. There came a time when I didn’t pray much…too busy, I guess. I looked for Him. He didn’t come to me.

This morning, I went to the first day of fasting for 2023. I was praying and all of a sudden, the light arched upward behind my eyelids!

I knew it is really God…He is happy I am back!