Somewhere, someone had the idea to demoralize the human population by introducing biological warfare. We are in a war! Covid, flu, viruses…they are killing off our population. Satan is at work.

Are you going to let Satan rule your life?

I am not saying that you should not take precautions against bacterial infections. It only makes sense to wear a mask, avoid crowds, and stay home when you are sick. Duh!

What I am encouraging is your attitude!

If you have to be alone during your infection, do everything you can to stay encouraged and happy. The Bible can help you. Read the New Testament and see how so many people stayed pumped up with Jesus’ leadership. You can expect love, compassion, encouragement, and a future in heaven with no pain, no anguish, and no tears.

Satan’s future is a horrible death when Jesus returns. Don’t let the devil lead you down the wrong path. Stay focused on Jesus’ promises. Jesus does not lie. God’s prophecies have all come true. Jesus, The Father, and The Holy Spirit are on our side, and they will not let us down. Satan has no one except those who have given up. Don’t YOU give up!

Jesus loves you and He died to help you live forever in heaven. Are you with me?

Miss Marsha