EMBRACING Heaven is for Real!

Heaven is for Real is about a child who almost dies from a burst appendix in 2003…or does he actually die? According to the doctors, his vital statistics proved he was alive during the three minutes he left his body and visited Jesus in heaven!

Colton Burpo was almost four years old. He was too young to have been trained to lie about the many things he saw in heaven. Child-like innocence comprehended and recalled those three minutes as a longer experience, for during that time Colton sat on Jesus’ lap, played with his sister (who had died after a 2-month pregnancy but had grown into childhood in heaven), watched his father in the future fighting the devil with a sword, got to know his grandfather who now looked like a young father-figure, and saw his parents grieving for him in two other rooms in the hospital.

He described Jesus’ hair, the garment he wore, the blue sash across his chest, and a face that was not captured by any past artist…his father showed him many famous paintings. Only another child who had the capability of painting realistically was able to capture the real Jesus, because Akiane Kramarik, a Lithuanian-American girl, had also experienced visits to heaven. Colton identified her artwork as the true Jesus.

Heaven is For Real is also portrayed in a You-Tube movie, but you won’t hear it all in that film. You need to read the book! You also won’t be able to envision the colors Colton and Akiane saw in heaven. They were indescribable, but the children did a pretty good job talking about them!

Colton’s father (the author) is a minister. He experienced some humbling moments as his son calmly, and ‘out of the blue’ talked about heaven. You will be humbled, too, as was I. Oh, what a wonderful place awaits us in heaven. Our Lord really does love us!            

Miss Marsha