You are throwing ideas to write about so fast at me…I never have time to complete them all!

I have posted many power points and activities on FREE BOOKS FROM JESUS, but every time I hear my pastors’ sermons; see something that sparks an idea; read my devotionals, the Bible, a good book or magazine; You give me a new idea. No matter what I am doing, I have to find a piece of paper or to sit at my computer and start writing down Your ideas.

I shouldn’t complain. I love Your ideas! I get so excited…my mind goes much faster than my fingers! I lose many ideas because I can’t keep up with Your suggestions. I have written notes all over my office!

I love it! Please keep them coming! I’ll get most of Your ideas down some day.

I just need time to finish them! I have begun:

·         42 Christian power points

·         11 fictional stories

·         1 poem

·         Numerous blog ideas

Bear with me, Lord! Give me time and strength.

I want more people to come to love you the way I do.

Miss Marsha