💗  GOD CREATED ADAM, a human, out of dust…and Eve out of Adam’s rib, because God wanted companionship and a person to maintain God’s order. This happened only 6-8,000 years ago, according to the Bible.

Adam and Eve’s job was to glorify God and His creations…to care for them.


Adam and Eve gave into TEMPTATION.


Sin overwhelmed the world. God was sorry he ever created humans, so He destroyed everyone in the Great Flood. He kept one family, however…Noah had always obeyed God. So, through Noah, new life began…a second chance for humans to worship their maker.


Many did…among them were Moses, Daniel, Abraham, David, etc. But multiples more did not worship God as they should. They thought only of themselves. They did not realize what a loving and giving God they had.



💗💗  GOD gave us another chance.  GOD BECAME JESUS, a human, because He wanted to unify all nations of His children in turning from sin to start a new life glorifying their maker, as Adam and Eve should have done from the beginning. There is a BC (before Christ) and an AD (after death).


Jesus did not give into TEMPTATION.


Many were turned from a sinful life as they followed Jesus’ teachings … Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and many others.

Jesus obeyed, even though He did not want to die on the cross. He knew why He was on earth…to take all the sins of the world upon Himself and die for all of us.

If we do not understand what Jesus did for us, we might not make it to heaven. Jesus was a real person…the words of the Bible have been proven to be true. Read it, understand it, and save yourself and your loved ones through Jesus’ sacrifice!



If you still do not understand why Jesus died for all of us, please respond to this article.

Miss Marsha


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