Dearest Lord Jesus,

My Lord, my Father, my King, my Creator, my Guide, my Mentor, my Companion, my Savior…I come to you tonight with normal, everyday problems, as usual.

I need to first thank you for dying on the cross for me and for mankind. You have washed away every sin I have confessed to you. I need to think of more of my transgressions so I can have them cleaned by You, too. In the past, I would think of those bad thoughts and let them fester within me. Now, I feel so good after I confess to You…I can finally let go and have peace in my heart. I wish other people could experience that calming feeling…especially members of my family.

You can make a gloomy day brighter. You can take away pain by us giving it to you. Yes, we have to let go of it, or we will continue to hurt. You are so willing to receive our problems. Your magnificence is too great to ever imagine, because You are ready to do this for every person on this earth. Your presence is everywhere. Each person needs to recognize this fact and connect with You so they can feel Your presence in their hearts and receive Your help when they need it.

When we speak to You several times a day, and even through sleepless nights, You hear every word. You want us to talk to You specifically and recognize your presence, even though You know what we are thinking each moment. If we depend on You to do all the work without praise and recognition, You will never desert us; but You will put Your help on hold till we speak to You again personally. It is this recognition and praise that will take us on that trip through eternity with You. Indifference will lead us down the wrong path, which we will regret for eternity…no matter how we attend church every Sunday, say a blessing before every meal, or do a bunch of good deeds. It’s that relationship with You that will get us through! I have finally realized that.

I feel better now, Lord. I don’t need to bother You with details of my problems. I know that You know what they are and will help me with them, because I love You. I read your words in my Bible, I am trying to follow Your commandments, and I am trying to mature in your glory.

Praise be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ most precious name,


I love you with all my heart and soul,