“It’s a baby girl!” Dad announced that to everyone when I was born!

     “Let me hold her, please!” Grandma’s arms were warm. I felt safe.

     As I grew, Grandma was always around…she played with me, and taught me how to tie my shoes.

     One day, I wanted to go outside and play with my friends. “No, honey,” Mom demanded, “You stay inside and take care of Grandma. She isn’t well, today. You’ll thank me later that you spent this precious time with your grandmother. I never knew my grandmother.”

     Dad was at work and Mom left for her job. I wished I was outside with my friends.

     “Sweetie!” Grandma called to me from her bed. “I’ll tell you a story.”

     Grandma’s stories were the best! If I had to stay inside, I knew I’d have fun with her. I climbed up on the big bed with Grandma.

     She began, “Did I ever tell you when that daddy sheep ran towards me and I had to jump up on the fence?”

     “Tell me again, Grandma…you called him a ram!”

     “I called him something else your little ears shouldn’t hear!”

     Many were the days I was left with Grandma. She pretty much raised me. I got to play with my friends a lot, too. But the days with Grandma were special. She gave me my first Bible. We read together as I learned to know Jesus.

     High school was hard for me. Grandma helped me with the things she knew about. We learned about other subjects together. I gave her the first I-pad she had ever had. She found old books and movies on it she had loved.

     She gave me encouragement with my college studies and told me about her college days.

     Then, the day we all dreaded came. Dad said to Mom, “I wish I could have gotten to know your mother better.”

     I spoke up, “I can tell you all about her and her stories, Dad!”


I never knew any of my grandparents. This is how I would have loved to have remembered them.

Miss Marsha